Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh Canada!

The Canadian Farm Writers' Federation hosted Canada Night at International Green Week in Berlin for our colleagues of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists. Owen Roberts, IFAJ Secretary General, from Guelph, Ont. and I were happy to have Stefanie Nagelschmitz from Canada's Outdoor Farm Show join us and help host the evening.

We gathered in a charming Italian restaurant about a block from our hotel. Red and white checkered tablecloths (Canadian maybe?), candles, good conversation. It was a wonderful evening.

We were especially proud to bring a gift for our international colleagues -- red mittens with a white maple leaf. The mittens, sold by HBC, are in support of Canada's Olympic team. They seemed to be a big hit with our friends.

We look forward to hosting our colleagues in September at IFAJ 2011 in Canada. A schedule, registration details and information on sponsorship is available at

Special thanks to Steve Werblow for being our photographer.

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