Monday, February 20, 2006

Ag 101 on the Bus

Hi from Oshawa.

First of all, we spent last night in Trenton. It was a late evening, as we lingered over dinner with the Chairperson of Farm Credit Canada, Rosemary Davis. With four young female journalism students taking part in this tour, it was perfect to have the opportunity to spend time with a successful, busy, vibrant business person who is a woman. What a fabulous role model. Rosemary certainly made me want to strive to do more and work harder. I'm sure the students picked up on her enthusiasum as well. She also gave us a great tip -- ask a farmer for a ride in his tractor!

We've had a busy, but wonderful day. First, a stop at a canning facility. Sprague Foods has the contract for President's Choice soups. How impressive to see a Canadian agri-food business doing so well! Two wineries later and we're in Oshawa.

Tomorrow, an early start -- a mushroom farm and poultry facility.


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Spamouflage said...

Were you allowed to take pictures at the canning facility? I've always wanted to see how they can things.